Dulcina the Albino Bat

Image of Dulcina the Albino Bat
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Original hand painted, acrylic painting on birch 5 1/4" w x 7 1/4" h x 1/4" d oval-shaped disc. Dulcina would be a perfect lightweight painting to start anyone's original art collection including children and young adults.

Dulcina is an albino unicorn bat who wears the tiniest of tiny Japanese slouchy socks knitted for her by artist Katsola. Dulcina is similar to a house elf in that she takes care of tiny pests, but she comes to life after the stroke of midnight, and zips of to the trees outside of her human's backyard or garden. She gobbles up all the mosquitos, small creepy crawlies, and fruit when in season. Dulcina has a sister bat, Marquita who is Katsola's little bat, who greets everyone who comes to her door. Dulcina is the first unicorn bat available for adoption. Just like Marquita, Dulcina loves to hear all the stories of midnight adventures, her humans make up each evening when going to bed.